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#NowStreaming Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Break Point

#NowStreaming Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Break Point

Guess it’s time to go ghost. The Beta at E3 was actually my first Tom Clancy game experience other that the Splinter Cell games back on the old PlayStation consoles and R6 Siege on #ps4. Don’t get me wrong R6S is awesome but the open world and co op drop in and out I experienced in the Beta of Breakpoint was super cool and made the game a little more fun. I’m looking forward to building a team and running through this game for a long time. Thanks to @drsleon and @ubisoft for showing some love and making sure it made it on drop day. Catch the stream on my Twitch coming soon. Follow and subscribe to stay up to date. Thanks!! 🎮


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