Maxx Motivation Media

Maxx Motivation Media is a business development company that is known for creating specialized plans to monetize your passion.

Whether you have a creative idea you would like to bring to market, want to turn your passion into a career, diversify your interests or just want expand your current business. we can give you step by step business plans to help achieve your goal.

We are most proud of helping our clients gain financial freedom from pursuing their passion. What also sets us apart is the ability to look at every vision to create a customizable plan that unique to each client.

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Audio Suite

With our In-House Audio Suite we are able to offer several audio related services.

  • Audio Mixing 
    • Stereo Mix- Mixing without having all of the instrumental components but more so just a vocal and instrumental
    • Full Mix- Blending all the individual tracks in a recording to create a complete composition)
  • Audio Mastering
    • Cleans & Polish your final mix
    • Ensure consistency & uniformity between all records
    • Optimizes playback quality on all devices 
  • Podcast Editing
    • Adding Sponsored Messages, Intro’s, & Outro’s
    • Reducing Noise & Cleaning Audio
    • Equal Volume leveling for even playback
    • Artwork Upload & Full Tagging
  • ID3 Tagging 
    • Make sure that a listener knows what your episode is about
    • Display your audio correctly in a portable media player or software-based audio player.

Digital Creation

We employ several graphic illustrators to create individual art for different approaches needed for various clientele.

  • Graphic Design
    • Professional Logos
    • Artwork Editing
    • Design & Illustration


Being a publishing partner with BMI, we are able to help you pursue all of your digital and non digital publishing needs.

  • Publishing
    • Audio
    • Literature
    • Artwork

Online Services

  • Social Media
    • Account Creation
    • Account Maintenance
  • Website Creation
    • Online Site Creation
    • Online Shop Creation
    • Site Maintenance