Digimon Adventure: The way Digimon was meant to be.

Digimon Adventure: The way Digimon was meant to be.

The New Digimon Adventure

The first episode of Digimon Adventure explains the influence that the Digi world has on the human world. The story takes place in present 2020, giving us a chance to see their world in modern day. I was definitely a big Digimon fan growing up so I found it to be nostalgic and fresh. 

The “digivolutions” in this remake has a new look, with better artwork and animation. The animation is crisp and robust, making something from my childhood look even more appealing to watch. 

The characters personalities have evolved as well. They face situations head on unlike the original series where the characters are more hesitant and not as mature as they are now. 

Tai & Agumon in battle together

Tai and Augumon save Japan and America from nuclear destruction. (It was so cool!) Also, Izzy’s knowledge is more advanced! He knows about Digimon and the digital world before they even get sent there, already being a tech genius. Tai and Augumon are the first to “digivolve” and their characters are stronger in combat and a lot more brave. The character development was very satisfying.

In this series, the “digidestined” already have legendary Digimon that has already fought a Great War in the past when the network was first invented. They were victorious but they were injured to the point of rebirth, this result will lead to the events that they have to deal with as the series progress.

I HIGHLY recommend Digimon Adventure to any one who enjoys technical anime. If you have never seen the first series, this is still great for new fans who didn’t experience Digimon growing up! As far as my other fellow fans from the past, lets enjoy this remake together! 

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