Attack On Titan: When giants come up short!

Attack On Titan: When giants come up short!

Today we will dive into my first ever, “All Day Overrated Review.”

First up is Attack on Titan. If you prefer anime’s that have good pacing, this one is not for you. I personally found this anime to be very overrated. 
I was first hooked by the wonderful violent horror storyline, it seemed like it was going to lead to a more horrifying well written goodness but unfortunately guys, that was not the case here. 



After season one, it becomes a total drag. I will say, that I love conspiracies in anime that flip the foundation of the show but not as sensible as Attack on Titan. 

Eren Yaeger

Introducing Eren Yeager, a young man who’s mom gets viciously eaten by a titan right in front of him at the very start. Eren literally grows up with a deep disdain for titans and wishes for their total destruction.

Eren’s Dad (Grisha Jaeger) was sent to Eldia from Marley to retrieve the power of the founding titan. He was given the attack titan serum to do that, instead he gets married, Eren is born and he injects the serum into Eren instead during a titan attack. 

Mikasa, Eren, Armin

Eren then goes through this whole journey with his best friends Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arleit. During the journey Eren turns into a titan himself and uses his abilities to uncover this whole conspiracy. He learns that everything was an experiment. Turns out the whole island, Eldia where Eren grew up are all part of an experiment to create titans for war on the mainland, Marley. Eldia was basically a prison and experimentation grounds, they banished people from Marley to Eldia for corrupt purposes or severe crimes. 

Eren (Titan Form)

With that being said, you would think that Eren would try and liberate Eldia with all of his titan power right? Instead, Eren decides to betray all of his friends, morals, values and goals and builds an army of titans that literally murders everyone that’s not of royal bloodline.


This was just a summary and without all the details, it already sounds lame right? If you’re a long time fan of anime you’ll know that the plot is very similarly to an anime/manga called Claymore. 

Claymore is about a country getting pledged by human eating demon called Yoma. There is an organization of all women warriors called Claymore that are human, Yoma hybrids. They go on missions to fight and control Yoma outbreaks around the land. 

During a major conflict, a legendary Claymore finds out that the country is an experiment that makes the Yoma as a means to train Claymore until the demon side of them completely takes over the human side. Turning them into an intelligent demon that can be used in combat. The main land is at war with stronger versions of the very demons they are mass producing.

Sounds pretty familiar huh? I wouldn’t watch Claymore instead of Attack on Titan because the anime doesn’t get a conclusion like the manga does but it’s a very very good read if you liked Attack on Titan, very similar plots accept for with better pacing and an actual better conspiracy.

Thanks for tuning in for another review with All Day Carraway!

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