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Who Will Be The God Of High School?

Hey guys, it's me! Allday Carraway here with another All day anime review! Today I will be reviewing the newly animated, God of Highschool.   The series starts with a group of wealthy world leaders plotting to assassinate a high-level Korean official. The plans were thwarted by a sudden weather change or so it seemed. In a flash, the entire island that the shady wealthy me were on...
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Attack On Titan: When giants come up short!

Today we will dive into my first ever, “All Day Overrated Review.” First up is Attack on Titan. If you prefer anime’s that have good pacing, this one is not for you. I personally found this anime to be very overrated. I was first hooked by the wonderful violent horror storyline, it seemed like it was going to lead to a more horrifying well written goodness but unfortunately guys, that was...
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Digimon Adventure: The way Digimon was meant to be.

The New Digimon Adventure The first episode of Digimon Adventure explains the influence that the Digi world has on the human world. The story takes place in present 2020, giving us a chance to see their world in modern day. I was definitely a big Digimon fan growing up so I found it to be nostalgic and fresh.  The “digivolutions” in this remake has a new look, with better artwork and...
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