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New Streaming Channel & Schedule!

What’s up Team MC?!   Just dropping by to let you all know that the time has finally come. After launching the website I promised to keep you updated more on what I had going on.   If you’ve been following me on my social media (@MaxxCalzz) you know Ive been immersed in the gaming almost as much as music. From competing in NBA2K MAVs gaming tournament then being drafted...
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Maxx Momemtum Media

A lot of you may not know, that not only do I mix and master my own music, I’m also a certified Audio Engineer and have mixed and mastered every genre rom hip hop to hard rock, stereo to 5.1 surround, podcast and even movie sound design. A lot of people have been reaching out and requesting services and inquiring as to what I offer. The above graphics show some of the services I offer and I...
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Just a little #Razz

Do yall see Razz?! I stopped by @bivinsgallery to check out my bro @texmoton sculpture, #Razz which is featured @psychedelicrobot exhibit with some fam this week. Im definitely proud of fam for staying true to his art and leveling up. Now we are in the Galas where some use to tell us we couldn’t be. Make sure you check out the exhibit. This is just a taste of all the exhibits and...
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MC Live @ E3

This last week has been crazy! While sitting here amongst the graffiti done by my partner @twentyfourkarats I’m just reminiscing. To be invited as a guest of one of my favorite video game publishers (@ubisoft) at the biggest Gaming event of the year was surreal (@e3expo). I received the opportunity to play so many awesome alpha content games with the ability to give my feedback and opinion. I...
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