Just want to wish everybody out there happy 4/20! If you celebrate then you already know what it is. Roll it, bowl it, cone it, light it, and smoke it. This one is for you. If you do not partake then let the ones who enjoy our favorite plant enjoy this day and kill all the bashing. Cannabis is a medication that does 3 things, makes money, helps those that are sick, and brings people together. For these reasons I am not only a patient but a true activist for legalization. I do not believe that marijuana is the “super answer” and can dissolve all the world’s problems but I feel like it’s a solution to enough of them, so we should definitely give it a shot. Enjoy your day and smoke good! #MaxxCalzz #TheCoolestPeriod #420 #SmokeGood #Legalize #Activist #Marijuana #Munchies

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