Maxx Calzz Featured on Buzz-Music LA

Maxx Calzz Featured on Buzz-Music LA

What’s up Maxx Lifers??! As you all know recently I released a new record, #Lacking on all digital platforms. (If you didnt know, where have you been?! Go jam it right now, ill wait… {Click Here to stream #Lacking}. Ok, you back? So he record has been getting a lot of positive feedback and has broken 2,500 streams, an accomplishment I’m very proud of and grateful for my first independent release in 5 years. While gaining traction, the good people at Buzz-Music LA got ahold of the record, placed it on their playlists, wrote a pretty cool review of it and decided to give me the chance to interview with them to learn more about what went into the creation of the record.

You can check out the interview, learn more about the process of creating the song and also find out how Buzz Music felt about #Lacking at the link below

Buzz-Music “Lacking” Single Release Interview <<<Click Here

I’d also like to send a special thank you to Jennifer, Julia & Victoria over at Buzz Music LA for making the interview process seamless through the pandemic crisis. THANK YOU ALL!

Links The #Spotify playlist from Buzz Music LA that feature #Lacking

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