MC Live @ E3

MC Live @ E3

This last week has been crazy!

While sitting here amongst the graffiti done by my partner @twentyfourkarats I’m just reminiscing. To be invited as a guest of one of my favorite video game publishers (@ubisoft) at the biggest Gaming event of the year was surreal (@e3expo).

I received the opportunity to play so many awesome alpha content games with the ability to give my feedback and opinion. I was also afforded the opportunity to meet acting legends #kadeemhardison & #hollyrobinsonpeete. I acquired a new hitter (my partner Altair. Sup Rick!) and learned some tricks from a top notch magician who shares the spade (@omar_renfro). During the trip I was blessed with selections from the @assassinscreed_us symphony and ended up being turned into a life size @originalfunko.

All of this was thanks to my bro @drsleon. (Appreciate it fam for seeing the potential I had to offer and inviting me out.) More memories coming soon!!

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