New Author Introduction: All Day Anime with All Day Carraway

New Author Introduction: All Day Anime with All Day Carraway


Ive been contemplating about making a change to my website and because my schedule is getting more and more busy (BLESSINGS!!), I’ve decided to add a new contributor to #TheCoolestBlog. This person will be someone I feel is very knowledgable about about the content they will be contributing and what they will be bringing to the site.

I’d like to introduce to you my brother, friend and all around great guy,  @all-day-carraway! He’ll be conducting the #AllDayAnime Review for our favorite blog (this one for the slow folks lol) going forward. In his column, he’ll be highlighting his favorite and some of his not so favorite anime series out here. If your looking for honest opinion, dope content and suggestions we plan to make the #AllDayAnime with All Day Carraway your place to get the facts.

Below is a small excerpt and introduction to the author…

ADC Introduction:

Hey guys my name is Carraway AKA All Day Carraway and I’ll be running a segment called All day Anime reviews! I’ll be going over a anime I think is really good right now and voicing my opinion on another one that I think is overrated! Hope you guys enjoy my content as much i as I love anime! Thanks for checking in.

-All Day Carraway

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