Back to the streams!

Back to the streams!

It’s that time again! I took a break to upgrade, learn some things and now I’m back at it! New streaming schedule is up for this week (Feb 2.-Feb.8) and starts tonight!! Come through the stream and comment for a shoutout.

Super special shoutout to s/o @back_ft_future86 (IG) for the featured art this week. “MC of the hidden leaf” is the title of the artistic work. Do you want your art featured?! Check out my IG story (@MaxxCalzz) to see how. Game on!!⠀

Streaming Schedule for week of Feb.2-Feb.8, 2020

PS- I added some highlight clips of some of the games I play on my IG Version of this post.  My energy is on 10 all the time gaming! 🤣😂 check me out on Clutch App for some more.

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