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Attack On Titan: When giants come up short!

Today we will dive into my first ever, “All Day Overrated Review.” First up is Attack on Titan. If you prefer anime’s that have good pacing, this one is not for you. I personally found this anime to be very overrated. I was first hooked by the wonderful violent horror storyline, it seemed like it was going to lead to a more horrifying well written goodness but unfortunately guys, that was...
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New Author Introduction: All Day Anime with All Day Carraway

MC: Ive been contemplating about making a change to my website and because my schedule is getting more and more busy (BLESSINGS!!), I’ve decided to add a new contributor to #TheCoolestBlog. This person will be someone I feel is very knowledgable about about the content they will be contributing and what they will be bringing to the site. I’d like to introduce to you my brother, friend and...
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