Who Will Be The God Of High School?

Who Will Be The God Of High School?

Hey guys, it’s me! Allday Carraway here with another All day anime review! Today I will be reviewing the newly animated, God of Highschool.  

The series starts with a group of wealthy world leaders plotting to assassinate a high-level Korean official. The plans were thwarted by a sudden weather change or so it seemed. In a flash, the entire island that the shady wealthy me were on was annihilated killing them all. Nothing was left but a giant cross with a fist print around it the size of the island. This event caused the world leaders to send out special invitations to the world’s best and skilled fighters called God of High School (GOH) in order to locate the culprit of the total destruction of the shady wealthy men.

“Jin Mo-Ri”

The GOH tournament takes place is Seoul South Korea. This series has actually been ongoing for some time as a Korean web toon and is a highly popular series. The main character, Jin Mo-Ri is a Korean born orphan that was taken in by a man named Tae-Jin. Up until the age of 8, Jin was trained in the mountains wit Tae-Jin and learned the special art of Renewal Taekwando. Jin gets an personal invitation to GOH because he fought and injured one of the top Administrators of the GOH tournament. On his way to the prelims of the tournament Jin stops a robbery by chasing a man on a motorcycle on his peddle bike (yes you read that right) and meets 2 companions by the names of Han Dea-Wi and Yoo Mi-ra. Turns out they were also on the way to GOH as invited participants. All of the fighters who were invited to GOH Korea were told to meet in the middle of an arena and were told that the strongest move on, all hell proceeds the break loose. A massive brawl begins and the standouts of this tournament immediately make their presence known as the rules state that all forms of martial arts and weapons are allowed. The participants are injected with nano bites that heal them after the matches are concluded so you can imagine what type of damage is being done in this environment. The main protagonists advance and that is how the show begins.

“Yoo Mi-ra, Jin and Dea-Wi”

Review time! GOH is a shounen masterpiece in my eyes. The actions is hardcore, violent and non-stop; has perfect fight sceans with actual and clear real life martial arts references. The Animation and character designs are probably my favorite thing about this anime. Jin mori is just an outright awesome main character that is well designed and easy to love as as his companions Han Dae-wi and Yoo Mira. I’d give this anime a solid 10 out of 10. The web toon to is also to die for, I’m giving this one such a high review because of how excellent the fighting is and how well the story is told within the chaos of a martial arts anime. It’s literally the violent,hardcore martial arts anime I’ve been waiting for! Hope you guys enjoy my GOH review, until next time!

All day Carraway out!

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